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I'Nicholas Bergery: Christmas Lights Key West    Photography & Digital Fine Art
Fleming Street Gallery                                December 17, 2011 – January 5th, 2012

"In this body of work I created a series of photographs of Old Town houses in Key West decorated with Christmas lights.
I experimented with time exposures and then later tweaked the images with digital special effects to create color, light and movement. I then produced a limited series of photographic prints of these 'moving stills'.

Another part of my work starts as original photographs of flowers, plants and trees from tropical gardens, like the Secret Garden in Key West and the Fairchild Garden in Miami, as well as other gardens and sources. I then used Photoshop and Painter software to create impressionistic digital collages with textures and patterns from my original photographs which I then turn into prints that include: a series of panorama, photo mosaics, floral mandalas and kaleidoscopic collages of original photos of exotic orchid flowers.

In the gallery, I will offer small, medium and large format, limited edition multiples, prints on archival matte paper, giclee prints on watercolor paper, plexiglas mounted panoramic print and some prints on stretched canvas. These prints are a mixture of moving Christmas stills, and others from my Key West nature, landscape and botanical series.

During the exhibition, there will be an animated slide show on a monitor in the storefront gallery window, which passerbys can watch at night, after closing hours.

This represents another facet of my work where I juxtapose and meld my photographic and digital images in sequences with transitions. I create storyboard timelines, to be projected into large scale slide shows, for a variety of venues including light show projections, sometimes accompanied by music."


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