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 I am a Digital Impressionist. The fusion of photography and computers allows me to create hybrid art that goes beyond the reproduction of reality, to evoke emotions by means of a personal transformation of representational images into digital impressions, mosaics and abstractions..

I am also a colorist. Colors are my private language that I use to create impressions for others to share.

My subjects are Tropical Nature and Urban Nightlife. I am as inspired by Caribbean clouds, vivid parrots, and tropical flowers as by exotic people, Nightlife Fantasy and Halloween parades. Starting with photographic images, I paint and enrich both these worlds in dense, hybrid paintings with strong colors and small strokes.


I create hybrid art prints that combine photography and digital painting. These prints are limited edition fine art of archival quality. I use my past experience with drawing, painting, collage, photography and photochemical retouching and I apply these traditional techniques in the digital domain.

Lately I have been embellishing my prints by drawing and painting on them with

colored pencils, markers, pastels, watercolors, retouching inks and colored dyes.

I also juxtapose and meld my photographic and digital images in sequences with transitions, and animate them with motion graphics. I create storyboard timelines, to be projected into large scale slide shows, for a variety of venues including light show projections, sometimes accompanied by a DJ, live bands, or recorded music..

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