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Digital Fine Artist / Photographer

Based in Key West, Miami and New York




Part of the arc of my art career and body of work are naturalistic themes that start with original photographs of Key West nature, Flora and Fauna,parrots and butterflies, botanicals, exotic flowers, plants and trees from tropical gardens, as well as landscapes, sunsets,cloudscapes,

 seascapes, and water reflections with a heavy emphasis on clouds.





My latest Mandala starting from the center is composed of the Sun, Flowers,

 Trees, Rainbows, Sky and Clouds, Mangos (from my tree), Water Reflections, 

Hurricane Internet Satellite Imagery, Tree Bark.


Mandalas for me are like symbols of the psyche and an image of wholeness, a kind of wheel of life symbolic of Man and Nature in harmony, like a Tibetan or American Indian sacred painting.


"Mandalas is a Sanskrit word meaning  'World in Harmony'.  It is made by placing one grain of sand at time, while contemplating world peace, compassion, wisdom, wellness, and a long life.


Some of the sacred sand is given to those who are at the ceremony, and the rest is poured into a natural body of water so that the blessings and healing energies may flow throughout the world."

Mandala Bottom Comp LA Photo.jpg
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